CARDIOVIT CS-200 Excellence ErgoSpiro

The CARDIOVIT CS-200 Excellence ErgoSpiro system performs both pulmonary function tests and metabolic tests with diagnostic-quality 12- or 16-lead exercise ECG conveniently and accurately in a single device, with none of the compromises that sometimes have to be made in combined systems.

It can be used for children and adults, patients and athletes, collecting full breath-by-breath data.


  • Breath-by-breath gas exchange analysis (VE,VO2, VCO2) with unique maintenance-free ultrasonic cell for CO2 measurement; easy, quick and fully assisted calibration for highly accurate measurements; charts and data display through standard or user-defined 9 panel
  • Fully integrated 12- or 16-lead exercise ECG
  • Resting ECG with ETM automatic interpretation
  • ETM Sport for interpretation of athletes' hearts
  • Automatic blood pressure measurement with optional built-in SpO2 module from the BP-200 plus
  • Optional LFSport for the performance assessment and exercise scheduler are two comprehensive features for use in sports medicine

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Software & Connectivity

  • Analysis of Signal-Averaged ECG

    SAECG - Signal Averaged ECG
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  • Communication gateway

    SCHILLER Server
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  • New Generation ECG Data Management System

    SEMA Workstation
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  • A 3D view of the electrical heart activity

    Vector ECG
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