Our solutions for hospitals

Perfect interaction between device, software and user, a high level of data protection and secure communication, as well as premium hardware with hygienic components make SCHILLER devices the perfect partners in the demanding daily routine of a hospital.

Solutions to your challenges

Software and Connectivity | © SCHILLER

At SCHILLER, cybersecurity and data protection are of fundamental importance. User authentication, data encryption and connectivity security are constantly reviewed and advanced.

Resting ECG - High-performance 16-channel  | © SCHILLER
Ease of use

SCHILLER devices feature an intuitive user interface, touchscreens and guarantee fast communication. They are built for high-volume output.

Patient monitoring in an MRI environment | © SCHILLER
Robust hardware

SCHILLER devices withstand daily wear and tear, are resistant to aggressive disinfectants and endure the rigours of a hospital environment.


pulmonary function tests and metabolic tests | © SCHILLER

50 years of experience

SCHILLER products have been standing for reliability, longevity and performance for 50 years. That's why specialists have relied on us for decades. You too can trust us.

Innovation is a priority

SCHILLER sets new standards with the development and production of state of-the-art devices. Our pioneering courage is what sets us apart. Our innovations are the tools that will help you save lives.

Global presence

We are here for you. SCHILLER employees and local certified project partners are at your side providing a personal contact. Advice, training or service, we are listening.

Any questions? We’re happy to help!