Small and easy to install communication application

This SCHILLER hospital level communication solution provides secure pass-through interfacing to third party electronic patient record systems. It supports industry standards such as HL7 ORU, bi-directional DICOM and FDA XML (aECG).


  • Patient Demographic Query (PDQ) enables fast access to information, reduces manual data entry and minimises errors (DICOM C-Find or HL7 A19). Enter or scan a patient ID to a SCHILLER device and the PDQ interface will seamlessly and quickly provide the patient demographics for accuracy and convenience where a worklist or orders is not appropriate.
  • Easy to install (no MIRTH experience required)
  • Import of a worklist to SCHILLER devices and Clinical Applications directly from a HIS or PACS system by using DICOM Modality Worklist
  • Export of the clinical results as a final report and/or raw diagnostic data and waveforms directly to any third party Electronic Patient Record via HL7, DICOM, PDF, XML or GDT

Availability in your market is subject to regulatory approval.