Six questions for… SCHILLER Asia-Pacific

SCHILLER AG and its 30 subsidiaries form a worldwide sales network, strengthening SCHILLER's global presence. Each subsidiary needs to work with the advantages, characteristics and circumstances of their local market. This series provides insight into what is happening locally and we ask the subsidiaries the same six questions. We start with SCHILLER Asia-Pacific (SAP). Thiam Hong Lim, Regional Project & Technical Director as well as co-founder of SCHILLER Asia Pacific, is answering our questions.

SCHILLER Asia-Pacific is located in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).


Which is SCHILLER Asia-Pacific’s best-selling product?
SAP: Traditionally we are the market leader in the Holter market, thanks to the top-of-the-range medilog series. However, due to active product development and intensive marketing in recent years, we also strive for quantum leaps in the emergency care market, especially with the EASY PULSE and DEFIGARD Touch 7.

What are you better at than your competitors on the market?
Besides being strong in marketing and technical supports, which are rather me-too in today’s competitive healthcare market, we have invested heavily in clinical and application support in our region, which sets SAP apart from other manufacturers.

Is there anything you can improve on or learn from your competitors?
We see improvement possibilities in sales and marketing gimmicks and we always keep an eye on our competitors’ analysis and arguments.

Which is your biggest customer segment?
Cardiology and emergency care market in hospitals.

What makes your market special? How is it different from other markets?
SCHILLER Asia Pacific is responsible for ten countries in South East Asia (ASEAN), Korea, Taiwan, Mongolia, Australia and New Zealand. Hence, our market is highly heterogeneous in nature, in terms of economic status, patient demography, healthcare standards, regulatory affairs etc. ASEAN is also one of the fastest growing regions in terms of population (>600 million) and GDP (gross domestic product).

It is always a challenge to optimise the resources and manage such a mixed market. However, thanks to SAP’s location in the centre of the region, and the multi-lingual education system in Malaysia, SAP managed to build up a complete team of talents in the last 18 years, providing our region with a complete profile of services.

In which country are you most successful and which one is your preferred country to do business with?
Indonesia and Australia are our largest markets traditionally. We anticipate high growth rates in emerging countries like Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Myanmar. These are also the countries where we invested our resources and coverage.

SCHILLER Asia-Pacific

SCHILLER Asia-Pacific is located in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). It was founded in 2000 by Alfred Schiller, Ng Chee Liang and Lim Thiam Hong. Today, 26 people are working for the company.