Stories about Schiller
6 questions for...series

Six questions for… SCHILLER Asia-Pacific

SCHILLER AG and its 30 subsidiaries form a worldwide sales network, strengthening SCHILLER's…

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SCHILLER FRED easyport an a flight to Sweden

Cardiac arrest on a flight to Sweden

A Swedish businessman was on a plane from Turkey to Sweden, when suddenly the flight personnel made…

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SCHILLER FT-1 pilgrimage to Lourdes

FT-1 on a pilgrimage to Lourdes

For 150 years, people from all over the world have made a pilgrimage to Lourdes in France, a place…

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Surviving hypothermia with SCHILLER EASY PULSE

Surviving severe hypothermia

Severe hypothermia, i.e. a body temperature of less than 24 degrees Celsius, is often deadly.…

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EASY PULSE® saved a life in Poland

It was the first time that an electrically driven CPR device like EASY PULSE was used in Poland.…

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Schiller Australia_Harry Packer

More than 23 years of SCHILLER Australia

Our success as an organisation is a tribute to the products we endorse

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A heart for the heart - campaign in Poland

As many polish hospitals are overindebted with limited financial ressources for investments, the…

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FRED easyport in the Himalayas

It happened on the Cho Oyu Mountain in Tibet, in the Himalayas…

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FRED easy Life in Austrian pharmacies

At the initiative of Austrian pharmacies, 30 pharmacies were selected based on strategic criteria…

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A proud distributor for almost 30 years

Simonsen & Weel Ltd. has been the distributor of SCHILLER products in Denmark for almost 30…

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