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SCHILLER compensates total CO2 emitted by ScoutTubes

Thursday, 20. February 2020

Reducing CO2 emissions and compensating those that cannot be avoided seems, to SCHILLER, to be the best strategy to handle the environmental sustainability of the popular disposable ScoutTubes. SCHILLER compensates the CO2 emitted due to the ScoutTubes via the myclimate foundation and their project to save the mountain gorillas in Rwanda.

SCHILLER customers no longer need to have a guilty conscience when disposing a used ScoutTube. SCHILLER compensates the entire CO2 emitted during production, packaging, shipment and disposal of the single-use ScoutTubes. ScoutTubes are climate-neutral. The myclimate foundation provides the label “climate-neutral product” to the ScoutTubes.

Saving the last Virunga Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda

SCHILLER compensates the CO2 produced with the ScoutTubes by supporting a project in Rwanda. The main project goal is to save one of the last habitats of the rare Virunga Mountain Gorillas and to decrease CO2 emissions. This is done by the supply of affordable and efficient cooking stoves which reduce the required wood from 12 to 4 kilograms per day. Thanks to the myclimate project, many households no longer need to cook on an open fire and have the possibility of purchasing affordable, efficient cooking stoves.

Find out more details about the project in the project description and this video.

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