Genel Satın Alma Koşulları (English)

1. General

The following provisions shall apply irrespective of whether the orders or deliveries to Schiller AG are goods or services. SCHILLER AG is hereinafter referred to as "SCHILLER".

2. Scope and validity

Only orders placed by SCHILLER in writing (also electronically transmitted) and legally signed are valid. Orders, amendments and supplements placed verbally or by telephone shall only become binding upon written confirmation.

3. Applicable provisions and conclusion of contract

If SCHILLER's order, including the General Terms and Conditions of Purchase, deviates from the supplier's offer, the supplier's silence will be considered as its consent to SCHILLER's order. The acceptance of SCHILLER's order by the supplier also excludes any other terms and conditions of the supplier, even if SCHILLER has not objected to them.

4. Pleas by the supplier

The SUPPLIER shall ensure that he possesses the current specifications listed on the purchase order and that the goods delivered to SCHILLER fully comply with these specifications. SCHILLER must be notified in writing immediately and prior to execution of the order of any doubts on the part of the supplier against the specifications specified in the order from SCHILLER.

5. Confirmation of order

The supplier must confirm the order received from SCHILLER in full and in writing within a maximum of 3 (three) days. The order confirmation must contain a delivery date indicating when the ordered goods will arrive at SCHILLER. If it is not possible for the SUPPLIER to send an order confirmation to SCHILLER within the aforementioned period, the SUPPLIER shall confirm receipt of the order in writing to SCHILLER.

6. Prices

The prices accepted by SCHILLER are binding. Unless otherwise agreed, all incidental procurement costs are included in the prices. Subsequent price increases are excluded unless SCHILLER expressly agrees to them in writing. Additional costs resulting from changes to the order can only be passed on to SCHILLER if they are notified and justified in writing within 30 days of the change to the order and SCHILLER expressly agrees to them in writing. In the case of deliveries for which prices have been agreed ex works abroad, all taxes, export charges and duties in the countries of delivery and transit shall be borne by the supplier, unless otherwise agreed in individual cases.

7. Delivery dates

The delivery dates stated in the order (goods arriving at destination) are binding. If these delivery dates cannot be met, SCHILLER must be informed immediately in writing. The supplier shall be fully liable to SCHILLER for all damages resulting from a delayed delivery. If the agreed delivery dates are exceeded, SCHILLER shall also be entitled to grant the supplier a grace period corresponding to SCHILLER's needs and to insist further on performance after its unused expiry or to cancel the entire order. Partial deliveries or premature delivery of the goods is only permitted by agreement.

8. Required documents

Each shipment must be accompanied by a delivery note with the following information: SCHILLER order and article number, the exact description of the contents and, if required, the test certificates. For shipments imported into Switzerland, a delivery note must also be enclosed with the packaging.

9. Packaging, transport and customs

The supplier shall be liable for damage during transport as a result of inadequate packaging. The INCOTERMS 2010 shall apply with regard to the regulation and division of obligations between SCHILLER and the Supplier. Unless otherwise agreed, DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) shall apply.

10. Transfer of risk

Subject to special written agreements (e.g. INCOTERMS), the Supplier shall bear all risks of loss of or damage to the goods up to the place of destination.

11. Examination of merchandise

After receipt, SCHILLER will check the goods for their identity, the quantity of goods and for externally immediately recognisable defects and inform the supplier in writing of any defects within a reasonable period of time. SCHILLER shall notify the supplier of any other defects which are only discovered during the use, processing or intended use of the goods after the defects have been discovered. In this respect, the supplier waives the defence of late notification of defects.

12. Invoice, terms of payment and securities

Unless otherwise agreed, payment shall be made within 30 (thirty) days of receipt of the invoice and subject to the correct finding of the goods and/or services supplied. The supplier shall quote the SCHILLER order number on each recurring invoice as well as the country of origin and customs tariff numbers. In the case of advance payment, the supplier shall provide appropriate security (e.g. bank guarantee) upon request.

13. Warranty

The supplier fully guarantees the functionality and quality of all deliveries for two years from the date of delivery. In addition, the supplier guarantees that the supplies comply with all relevant standards and all applicable statutory provisions relating to work and operational safety as well as the relevant EU directives, in particular but not limited to RoHS compliance, REACH, SEC, Conflict Mineral Regulation and EMC regulations. Defective deliveries entitle SCHILLER to demand either replacement or subsequent improvement during the entire warranty period, at SCHILLER's discretion. If SCHILLER has evidence that a similar defect exists in all delivered products, SCHILLER may carry out a replacement action, even if the warranty period has already expired. The same warranty period starts anew for all warranty deliveries or warranty work.

The supplier undertakes to assist SCHILLER in identifying defective parts at its own expense, sorting them out and determining the cause of the defect within a reasonable period of time and notifying SCHILLER thereof. In urgent cases or if the supplier is unable to remedy the defects immediately, SCHILLER shall be entitled to have the defects remedied or to remedy them itself at the supplier's expense. If replacement or rectification is not made within the set period, SCHILLER shall be entitled to immediately cancel the entire order. In any case and without proof of fault, the supplier is obliged to pay SCHILLER full damages (including all consequential damages).

14. Product liability

If a claim is asserted against SCHILLER by an injured party due to product liability and if the cause of the defect can most probably be attributed to the supplier, the supplier shall be obliged to indemnify SCHILLER from this liability towards the injured party without restriction and without it having to prove any fault on his part. The supplier shall inform SCHILLER of all possible defects and potential or actual hazards arising from his supplier products which have occurred with other manufacturers/consumers or of which he has become aware in some other way. If SCHILLER itself has to warn customers or recall its own products due to defects of the supplied product, the supplier shall, without proof of fault, take out product liability insurance for SCHILLER for all necessary and own product liability and shall, upon SCHILLER's request, submit a confirmation from the insurer or allow SCHILLER to inspect the policy.

15. Quality assurance and inspection rights

The supplier shall do everything necessary to ensure the quality assurance of the goods or parts thereof to be delivered. He shall ensure that only inspected goods are delivered to SCHILLER. Certain quality specifications (e.g. standards, drawings, specifications, product specifications) must be adhered to by the supplier. If the supplier is aware of the inaccuracy or potential danger of certain specifications, he must immediately notify SCHILLER in writing of this circumstance. SCHILLER is entitled to regularly check compliance with the specifications and the implementation of the necessary and agreed quality assurance measures at the supplier's premises. The supplier shall grant SCHILLER the necessary access to the production facilities and inspection of its quality assurance measures, such as measurement reports, test results, samples, etc. in accordance with the statutory provisions.

16. Management of change

The supplier shall be obliged to obtain the written consent of SCHILLER before making any changes to products which are the responsibility of the supplier's specifications and to provide the quality proofs required in this context. In the case of goods for which SCHILLER is responsible for specifications (technical specifications such as drawings by SCHILLER), the supplier is obliged to compare the revision status of his production documents with those of the current order from SCHILLER. Deviations must in any case be rectified with SCHILLER prior to the start of production or delivery.

17. Copyrights and Patents

The supplier is responsible for ensuring that the delivery does not infringe any third-party copyrights, patents, trademarks, utility models or existing statutory provisions. He shall be liable for all consequences of such an infringement.

18. Duty of confidentiality

The supplier undertakes not to disclose to any third party, either directly or indirectly, any knowledge and information which he may obtain in connection with the cooperation with SCHILLER or which he may otherwise obtain through the cooperation and not to use it himself for his own or other purposes.

19. Contract modifications

Amendments and supplements to the contract between SCHILLER and the supplier must be made in writing. Verbal agreements are invalid. If a provision of these General Terms and Conditions of Purchase is invalid, the remaining part of the General Terms and Conditions of Purchase shall nevertheless apply mutatis mutandis.

20. Applicable law and jurisdiction

The ordinary courts at SCHILLER's registered office shall have exclusive jurisdiction for the judicial assessment of all disputes between the supplier and SCHILLER. However, SCHILLER has the right to sue the supplier at the supplier's registered office.