Accuracy and performance

BP-200 plus


The BP-200 plus blood pressure monitor is designed to give you the confidence to know that mechanical vibration, patient movement and observer variability won’t interfere with an accurate reading.

The hands-free interface and SpO2 measurement option make the BP-200 plus a comprehensive device for diagnostic test centres. The BP-200 plus is also ideal in research environments because raw data can be saved on an SD card.

The BP-200 plus excels where other BP monitors fail, by using SCHILLER K-Sound Analysis (SKA). SKA was developed as a result of SCHILLER’s pioneering work in 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring. With SCHILLER K-Sound Analysis, Korotkoff sounds are distinguished from artefact noise so that blood pressures are measured accurately with greatly reduced false measurements.


  • Systolic BP and diastolic BP
  • Mean arterial pressure
  • Peripheral pulse and pressure rate product
  • Automated communication with the SCHILLER exercise ECG system
  • Display for Korotkoff sounds or trigger waves
  • SpO2 measurement option
  • Specially designed for exercise tests
Device availability in your market is subject to regulatory approval.