Six questions for… SCHILLER ESPAÑA

SCHILLER AG and its 30 subsidiaries form a worldwide sales network, giving a strong global presence. Each subsidiary needs to work with the advantages, characteristics and circumstances of their local market. This series provides insight into what is happening locally and we ask the subsidiaries the same six questions. This time: Paloma López-Varela, CEO from SCHILLER ESPAÑA.

SCHILLER ESPAÑA is located in Madrid (Spain).


Which is SCHILLER ESPAÑA’s best-selling product?
Sports Medicine demand is increasing day by day and we expect an increase in turnover in the coming years for CS200 family and CS200 Excellence ErgoSpiro. At the moment the sales of AED's and rescue devices have skyrocketed compared to previous years. The increase in sales in AED is due to a drastic change in the Spanish legislation on Public Access Cardio protected Areas, and in the particular case of Rescue Services, it is mainly due to the effort that SCHILLER has made designing the best products in the market that perfectly fit the highly demanding requirements of these users: DEFIGARD Touch 7 & EASY PULSE.

What are you better at than your competitors on the market?
No doubt the quality of the products. But if we ask our clients, in addition to the quality, they value the after-sales service and the support they receive from the SCHILLER Spain team. Quality by itself is nothing without a professional and competent aftersale service in the back providing support. We extensibly work hard to sell both concepts as one set.

Is there anything you can improve on or learn from your competitors?
SCHILLER Spain shares a very demanding market with the best companies and firms. That means giving everything every single day. It forces us to reinvent strategies and services to match our products to differentiate ourselves.


«The importance of private medicine is increasingly playing an important role in Spain.»


Which is your biggest customer segment?
The public sector mostly. But the importance of private medicine is increasingly playing an important role in Spain. Because of lack of capacity, there is an increasing need to refer patients from public system to private healthcare that is forced now to invest in new medical equipment to fulfill this demanding request. Such a situation is generating great competition between the companies, and an important price war. To be in a competitive position and to have a real chance in the market, it is essential to offer better prices.

What makes your market special? How is it different from other markets?
Spain is composed of 17 very different administrative regions, each of them with full autonomy to manage their own health services and budgets. SCHILLER Spain addresses these markets with its expertise and situational awareness. In addition to that, by providing brand support to its network of distributors always offering a close relationship to the customer and dealing with the peculiarities of each one of them.

In which region are you most successful and which one is your preferred region to do business with?
Each Autonomous Region is special and they have different advantages and challenges. But instead of talking about regions, we would speak of market niches. This is the case of the specialized cardiology market asking for hi-tech devices, the emergency services requesting handy and light equipment with real time data processing capabilities and the challenges posed by the new technology companies or public agencies that see Telemedicine as an attractive cost-effective option. Telemedicine is envisaged as a reduced cost solution to reach remotes areas where the population has limited access to a certain level of services.


SCHILLER ESPAÑA is located in Madrid (Spain). It was founded in 2000 by Dominik Doppler from SCHILLER AG. Today, 6 people are working for the company.