EASY PULSE® saved a life in Poland

It was the first time that an electrically driven CPR device like EASY PULSE was used in Poland. The EASY PULSE performed a consistently high quality of chest compressions which would have been impossible to achieve with manual compressions.

When the rescuers reached the man in the Pilsko mountain he was already in a state of severe hypothermia with a body temperature of only 21 degrees celsius.

After restoring the vital functions, the man was evacuated to Korbielów. Even before the arrival he again suffered a cardiac arrest. The medical rescue team then transported the man using the EASY PULSE, which performed multidirectional chest compressions on a regular frequency and pressure and helped to save this man’s life.

A big thank you to the rescue team GOPR and Pogotowie Ratunkowe Zywiec!

For more information (media coverage) in Polish, click here.