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SCHILLER’s FRED easyport saved life of a young triathlete

Tuesday, 10. March 2015

SCHILLER Australia CEO Harry Packer has met 27 year old Fisher resident, Callan Fox, where he had the cardiac arrest, to hear his story and present him with a Swiss watch.

Mr Fox was competing in a Triathlon ACT event on January 18 when he collapsed near the Anzac Parade and Parkes Way roundabout and came of his bike into marshalls. Fortunately for Mr Fox, there was a St John’s Ambulance bicycle paramedic carrying a SCHILLER FRED easyport® pocket defibrillator only 30 metres away.

Mr Fox had an idiopathic (cause unknown) cardiac arrest. He was revived by the defibrillator and after treatment in hospital in Canberra and in Sydney, where he had a defibrillator per-manently implanted in him, is now completing rehabilitation and is back on his bike.
A young, fit and well man, he still does not know what caused the arrest and is still shocked it happened to him. He said his experience shows the benefits of having more public access defibrillators and awareness of their benefits.
“People who know what happened to me are now starting to look at the need for defibrillators in their organisations, which is a good thing,” Mr Fox said.

Mr Packer presented a Swiss watch to Mr Fox as he is now part of the SCHILLER family.
“We always become attached to the people whose lives are saved by our defibrillators,” Mr Packer said. “There is a need for more public access defibrillators to be available in the ACT including at tourist, community and sporting facilities,” he said. Introducing such devices is affordable and simple. “The defibrillator that saved Callan is light, easy to use and require no medical training to use them.” His company has a pocket-sized defibrillator that weighs 495g and measures 12 square centimetres. More than 30,000 Australians experience a cardiac arrest every year but only 10 percent survive. “An immediate response to a cardiac arrest with CPR and a defibrillator triples a person’s chances of survival,” Mr Packer said.

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