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The next generation of stress test systems

Thursday, 12. March 2015

SCHILLER introduces the CARDIOVIT CS-200 Excellence and the CARDIOVIT CS-200 Touch: A combination of high diagnostic quality and maximum flexibility for optimal patient care and streamlined workflow.

CARDIOVIT CS-200 Excellence:

Equipped with the latest technology and superior diagnostic tools, from 16-lead acquisition
to HyperQ Analysis, CS-200 Excellence provides high performance and
decision-making support for the busy hospital environment.

  • Dynamic Protocol algorithm automatically recommends the ideal protocol for the patient.
  • Wizard-style tutorial easily guides users step by step, highlighting the next available function.
  • Ergonomic design with integrated thermal printer, dedicated keys for the most common functions, writing surface and ample storage space.



With its small footprint, CARDIOVIT CS-200 Touch fits comfortably even in the smallest
spaces in hospitals or physician’s offices. Designed with clinicians and patients in mind,
the CS- 200 Touch software is customizable and easy-to-use.

  • Easily moved from room to room, thanks to smooth casters and lightweight design. Height-adjustable cart adapts to each user’s optimal working position.
  • Medical-grade panel PC with easy-to-clean, antibacterial housing.
  • Touch-screen user interface simplifies operation.


HyperQTM: Sophisticated algorithm supports confident diagnoses

The groundbreaking HyperQTM technology provides a unique solution for the detection of Coronary
Artery Disease in stress and resting ECGs. Scientifically and clinical proven analysis of high-frequency
QRS signals significantly improves the accuracy and effectiveness of routine tests. It fits into your
existing workflow: HyperQTM extracts additional, previously unseen data from the standard 12-lead