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Live ECG data via Google Glass

Wednesday, 1. July 2015

The University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland in Sierre (HES–SO) and the Hospital in Fribourg (1) have been able to illustrate in co-operation with SCHILLER how Google Glass could successfully be employed in emergency medicine.

In emergency medicine, every second counts, thus all procedures need to be optimised to
the maximum. Soon, data glasses could contribute to achieve this goal.
Several physicians have tested Google Glass as part of a study. Google Glass is not only a
new technology, it is especially interesting that data can be shown in real time. Therefore, the
physician can read the most important vital parameters without having to turn away from the
patient and while having both hands free. Google Glass understands spoken instructions and
can read texts out loud via headphones. It has been determined that abnormal ECG rhythms
are clearly recognisable and that there is no difference between identifying them on a laptop
screen and identifying them on Google Glass.

SCHILLER’s ARGUS PRO LifeCare2, the sophisticated patient monitor, enables the exchange
of data. The parameters (ECG, SpO2 and blood pressure) are transmitted as binary
signals via Bluetooth to a smartphone which serves as hub and converts the data to numerical
values. These values are then transferred via protected network to a server. Google
Glass connects to the server where it receives the data from ARGUS PRO LifeCare2. This
not only works within a hospital, even the communication between the physician and paramedics
is possible. Since the data is stored on a server, streaming processes can be used.
Obtaining a second opinion in the case of a difficult diagnosis under time pressure is facilitated
enormously because the real-time data is available independent of the location.

Further tests in Swiss hospitals will soon be carried out and the latest findings are eagerly awaited.

1R. Schaer, O. Jiménez del Toro, H. Müller and A. Widmer of HES–SO, Sierre, Switzerland, F. Salamin of Hôpital Fribourgeois
(HFR), Fribourg, Switzerland