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High ranking visit from China to SCHILLER headquarters in Baar

Tuesday, 31. January 2017

Within the context of the World Economic Forum (WEF), Zhao Haishan, vice mayor of the million-strong metropolis Tianjin, together with a delegation, visited Switzerland and paid a visit to the SCHILLER headquarters, a high-tech company based in Baar. SCHILLER has launched a major project in Tianjin and installed office and production facilities on an area covering 27'000 m2.

SCHILLER decided to take this step in order to benefit from the enormous potential which the Chinese market has to offer. The devices produced in China will be aimed primarily at the asian market while the production in Baar will be maintained for the european market. Like-wise, logistics will be based primarily in Tianjin in order to ensure as much as possible a direct market access. Owing to the persistently challenging situation due to the strong Swiss currency as well as to political uncertainties in neighboring regions, SCHILLER has seen itself forced to explore new avenues. Should the SCHILLER venture be successful in China, the whole group, including the facilities based in Baar, will benefit from this experience.