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FRED easyport on the road with cycling police officers

Thursday, 28. April 2016

In its fight against sudden cardiac death, the Vienna Police is moving a step further and is providing its cycling police officers with the world's smallest defibrillator, the FRED easyport.

After a cardiac arrest, everything must go very fast. Survival chances decrease about 10% every minute. Already after 3 minutes, the brain, as well as the other essential organs, do not receive enough oxygen. Using a defibrillator together with performing cardiac massage can have a huge impact on the survival chances.

The Vienna Police reacted promptly and is joining forces with "Puls", the association for the fight against sudden cardiac death. As of today, not only are the emergency vehicles and police inspection cars going to be equipped with defibrillators, but also police bicycles. Should police officers reach the emergency site before the rescue teams do, they can fulfill the important role of first aiders.

Thanks to its incredible light weight (only 490 g.) and its compact size, it is possible to equip bicycles with a defibrillator such as the FRED easyport. SCHILLER is very pleased to make another contribution to saving lives.