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ESC 2016: EASY PULSE and DS20 newly CE marked

Saturday, 27. August 2016

EASY PULSE and DIAGNOSTIC STATION DS20 were presented at ESC (27th to 31st August) im Rome


SCHILLER has taken the next step in improving CPR quality further with the launch of the smallest and lightest mechanical chest compression device.

SCHILLER’s EASY PULSE is the solution for more effective resuscitation: this portable, standalone device delivers chest compressions automatically at consistent rate and depth. It is directly attached to the patient’s upper body and can thus be used in any situation, regardless of ambient conditions.

Its size and weight are unparalleled: the EASY PULSE weighs less than 3.5 kg, opening up entirely new possibilities, such as air rescue services. Ease of use: Thanks to the slider and buckle system, it can be easily attached onto the patient, while resuscitation can be initiated immediately by pressing two buttons only.



SCHILLER’s DIAGNOSTIC STATION DS20 simplifies daily work:

  • Main vital signs and physical assessment tools in one device.
  • Ideal for arrhythmia and atrial fibrillation screening: one ECG channel for display, storage and printing, with only 3 electrodes
  • Large interactive touch screen and self-explanatory user interface for maximum user-friendliness.

With 12-lead ECG interpretation, spirometry and Pulse Wave Analysis (PWA), DS20 is a practical and yet sophisticated diagnostic station.

Fast and easy to use
The DS20 immediately detects connected sensors and automatically displays the corresponding val-ue. Thanks to its intuitive user guidance, SCHILLER’s DS20 is self-explanatory and very little training is needed. The large inter-active touch screen supports the highest user-friendliness.

Seamless connectivity to EMR, PACS, HIS or SEMA3 is possible and bidirectional communication allows for easy data access, while Wi-Fi with strong security enables direct and fast transmission.

Easily add new functions and other devices or future technological developments. The DS20 is ready for the most common functions and will satisfy new requirements.