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Digitised ECG data to be available hospital-wide

Friday, 9. January 2015

Having access to digital therapy-relevant data hospital-wide is the declared objective not only of IT services such as VISUS, but of medical technology companies as well. At the MEDICA medical fair taking place in Düsseldorf from 12-15 November, the Swiss medtech company SCHILLER, together with VISUS, demonstrated how this objective can be achieved through a constructive technology partnership.

For many years already, both companies have been working together to optimise the integra-tion and display of ECG data in the image data management. To achieve this, SCHILLER makes its data available in DICOM format, a standard acknowledged worldwide for medical imaging. Thanks to the consistent use of the DICOM standard, examination requests can be addressed to a specific ECG device while the results are transmitted automatically to a DI-COM archive. On the other side, VISUS has, over the past years, consistently extended its image data management system JiveX to JiveX Medical Archive, a central medical archive. With a single click, the attending physician has access to all medical information on a stand-ardised viewer.

However, in order to achieve real added value on both sides, a bi-directional communication between the systems is required. For this reason, the SCHILLER devices feed data not only in JiveX, but also generate their requests from a DICOM modality worklist, which is provided by JiveX.

„This close cooperation between IT services and medtech companies benefits not only the users, but also the companies themselves", says Dr Daniel Geue, product manager at VISUS. "For example, the cooperation with SCHILLER taught us a lot at VISUS on how to display ECG data in a way that provides maximum benefit to the physician as well as the required processing options."

Visitors to the SCHILLER stand at MEDICA were able to find out about the concrete benefits of this cooperation. „Together with VISUS, we have developed a complete diagnostic proce-dure and demonstrated how digital ECG data can be further used in a hospital environment. This includes for example receiving the examination request, registering the digital patient's file, and printing the patient CD", explains Johan Sandberg, Business Development Manager at SCHILLER.

Apart from their current common projects, for example at the Bethanien Hospital in Moers or with the charitable organisation "Franziskanerinnen zu Olpe", SCHILLER and VISUS are working at improving data integration. Concrete information in this regard will be provided in the course of the year.