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CARDIOVIT FT-1 on a pilgrimage to Lourdes

Thursday, 28. April 2016

Mid-April, a great number of pilgrims started once more their journey to Lourdes, the famous place of pilgrimage. As in the last two years, a SCHILLER ECG device accompanied the group, in order to provide the support team with the necessary aid, as well as to ensure a safer pilgrimage.

More than 1700 pilgrims from the German- and Rhaeto-romanic-speaking parts of Switzer-land took part in the 120th pilgrimage to Lourdes. Among this group, around 200 pilgrims required special care. These people are sheltered in Accueil (similar to a hospital), and are taken care of by voluntary helpers, non-professional as well as specialists (caretakers and doctors). For the second time, the support team flew to Lourdes on charter flights. This year, our latest ECG device, the CARDIOVIT FT-1, was part of the journey. The compact ECG, which in spite of its size offers maximum performance, proved to be simple, versatile and reliable.