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DEFIGARD Touch 7 with Paris Fire Brigade

Sreda , 6. Jun 2018

300 units DEFIGARD Touch 7 save lives with Paris Fire Brigade, eight every single day! 2900 defibrillations have already been made. We are incredibly pleased and also proud.

Nearly 500’000 interventions per year, means almost 1500 a day, fulfilled by 8700 firefighters: that’s Paris Fire Brigade. Two years ago, the fire brigade of Paris and its three surrounding departments purchased 300 SCHILLER emergency devices DEFIGARD Touch 7. Since then, the devices have been used for thousands of defibrillations, with an average of 8 times in one single day. So many defibrillations with DEFIGARD Touch 7 stand for numerous saved lives!

DEFIGARD Touch 7 also and in Paris mainly records the vital parameters and provides a 12 leads ECG. The devices are connected with the regulatory center to optimize the victims treatment until entering the hospital. Furthermore the receiving hospital is already informed about the patient’s health status. 200 of such registered health status’ are transmitted to hospitals – per day.

Its small format, light weight, the latest defibrillation technology, the comprehensive monitoring functions,  as well as the intuitively usable touch screen and the latest data transmission technology make this device the essential companion of the Paris Fire Brigade. 

DEFIGARD Touch 7 is used by Paris Fire Brigade about 300 times a day, due to the wide range of functions.

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