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Again a saved life thanks to EASY PULSE

Sreda , 29. Avgust 2018

Near Podlesice, in Poland, the paramedics of the rescue service GOPR saved another life, thanks to the automatic CPR device EASY PULSE.

Again, we received news of another saved life! The incident happened in the south of Poland, near Podlesice. Thanks to EASY PULSE, the victim's blood circulation could be maintained until the rescuers reached the hospital. Further evidence that the lightweight and easy-to-use SCHILLER CPR device EASY PULSE is a necessity for rescue services on land and in the air.

In spring 2018 the WOSP Foundation acquired 8 EASY PULSE and 15 FRED easyport devices and donated them to the Mountain Volunteer Rescue Service GOPR in Poland. GOPR provides emergency aid and rescue in impassable terrain. This latest case demonstrates that small and lightweight rescue devices can make a difference especially in extreme situations where bulky and heavy devices prove to be impractical. With FRED easyport and EASY PULSE, GOPR is equipped with the smallest defibrillators and automatic CPR devices that are life-saving in every circumstance.

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