ECG simulation based e-training

Do you need to practice or brush-up your ECG knowledge?

We invite you to check out Epicardio Simulation™ the interactive heart simulator for e-training in Cardiac Anatomy, Electrophysiology and Electrocardiography.

Epicardio Simulation™ is a fully validated advanced cloud-based 3D simulation of the heart that shortens the cardiology learning curve.

  • Enhances teaching in Cardiac Anatomy, ECG, Pacing and EP by providing leading edge simulation-based blended/self-learning and testing.
  • Enables the educator to deliver more content quicker, in a far more visually engaging way and to test students more efficiently.
  • Helps students to fully master the complexity of the heart and take tests in their own time.
  • Content can be customised to meet your specific needs.

Epicardio is accessible on MacOS and Windows systems as standalone App or via web-browsers, and will soon be available on the iPad and other tablets.
Thanks to the successful partnership between SCHILLER and Epicardio, SCHILLER can offer his customers a 5-day free trial license for the complete Epicardio Simulation™ package.
To find out more, check out Epicardio's Demo Video or contact your local distributor.