Stories about SCHILLER

FRED easy Life in Austrian pharmacies

At the initiative of Austrian pharmacies, 30 pharmacies were selected based on strategic criteria…

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A proud distributor for almost 30 years

Simonsen & Weel Ltd. has been the distributor of SCHILLER products in Denmark for almost 30…

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FRED easyport in the Ticino

With its defibrillators, SCHILLER is part of a project that pursues the aim of improving and…

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FRED easy success story from Toulon, France

Leroy Merlin DIY store in Toulon, France

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FRED easy saves a life at a Football Club in Australia

Eltham Football Club Melbourne, Australia ​Australian football player rescued by SCHILLER FRED easy…

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FRED easy saves a young football player in France

Young football player saved by a SCHILLER defibrillator in France

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FRED easy success story from Metz in France

Survival of a heart attack at the train station in Metz, France

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FRED easyport success story from the Ticino

Fondazione Ticino Cuore (Ticino Heart Foundation) reports:

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