FRED easyport in the Himalayas

It happened on the Cho Oyu Mountain in Tibet, in the Himalayas…

…an alpinist was struck by lightning in the remote camp 1 on 6'400m, lying motionless in her tent, and needed immediate medical assistance. Apart from regressive paralysis symptoms, small burns and an ECG that initially showed no abnormalities, she experienced several episodes of paroxysmal tachycardia in the following days. SCHILLER’s FRED easyport® was able to fulfil its role, thus helping to save the young woman's life. Back in Base Camp, her heart rate could be monitored continuously thanks to device's monitoring function.

FRED easyport® is the world's smallest defibrillator. Its size and weight make it the ideal companion for air rescue and expeditions, but also for risk patients, as it fits in every pocket while still meeting all the requirements of a modern AED.

Our device had been taken along by Markus Adank, a professional paramedic and mountain guide from Graubünden in Switzerland.