Exercise ECG in an integrated system



CARDIOVIT CS-104 combines all essential ECG features and desired possibilities in an integrated system.

With the CARDIOVIT CS-104, SCHILLER offers a complete ECG system for practices, clinics and hospitals. The unit includes a PC, a monitor, a trolley and a wireless (MS-12 blue) or wired (MS-12 USB) acquisition module. Everything is pre-installed and tested by SCHILLER, ready to be used in the clinical practice.


  • Resting ECG with the SCHILLER ECG analysis program ETM as well as ETM Sport, the automatic interpretation for athletes
  • Resting rhythm recording for up to 20 minutes, with optional arrhythmia detection
  • Exercise ECG with optional arrhythmia detection
  • Integrated workstation for data review from all SCHILLER devices connected to the SCHILLER Server


  • Vector ECG
  • Spirometry, based on the ultrasound technology of the SpiroScout SP plus
Device availability in your market is subject to regulatory approval.