SCHILLER defibrillators for pilot project in Kerala


SCHILLER AEDs in buses and at bus stops of the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation.

In a remarkable move to improve the safety and well-being of passengers, the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC), in collaboration with the Society for Emergency Medicine India (SEMI), has installed SCHILLER AEDs, FRED easyport and FRED PA-1, on its Swift buses and at bus stops.

This pioneering initiative is the first of its kind in India and is not only revolutionising public transport but is also equipped with emergency kits, representing a concerted effort with passenger safety at the forefront.  
The inauguration of the defibrillators was presided over by Mr Antony Raju, the Transport Minister of Kerala.

The installation of defibrillators in Swift buses is expected to bring about a sea change in public transport safety. As rapid response is a critical factor in the survival of cardiac arrest victims, the availability of defibrillators on public transport is a significant step forward in this regard.

This coordinated effort to provide AEDs on public transport and at bus stops demonstrates a commitment to public safety and is an inspiring example for public transport systems across India.

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