Culprit Coronary Artery Algorithm

Because time matters: Immediately evaluate the cardiac area at risk.
CCAA detects the location of coronary obstruction in patients with acute chest pain.

CCAA effectively uses 12 ECG leads to optimise diagnosis and management of patients with acute chest pain. To know which cardiac area is threatened to be lost, if coronary flow is not restored, is of critical importance in decision making. It allows optimal management of the acute chest pain patient both outside the hospital and in the emergency room, identifying patients in need of admission to a hospital, where a percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) can be performed.

The optional SCHILLER CCAA software offers following benefits:

  • Cost-effective quick pre-hospital decision-making regarding next treatment steps
  • Identifying patients requiring coronary reperfusion therapy (PCI/thrombolysis)
  • Limiting duration of cardiac ischemia and thereby damage to the heart muscle

Availability in your market is subject to regulatory approval.