Centres of excellence

SCHILLER's investment in new technology in the manufacturing process is illustrated by the fact that we installed one of the first SMD (Surface Mounted Devices) units in Switzerland in 1984. The production facilities are continuously adapted to the latest technologies.

Centre of Excellence in Cardiac Defibrillation and Monitoring in Wissembourg, France:

With the purchase of Bruker's Cardiology Business in 2000, SCHILLER expanded its market access by entering the cardio-therapy sector with cardiac defibrillation. A new plant was built for SCHILLER Médical SAS, which was completed in July 2002. Wissembourg is home to the R&D departments for MR-compatible patient monitors and for part of the defibrillation line as well as the main production facilities for both of these product ranges.

Centre of Excellence in Holter ECG and Blood Pressure in Graz, Austria:

In 2008, medilog became part of the SCHILLER group and is SCHILLER's high-end Holter system. Blood pressure measurements and analysis with special features such as the pulse wave analysis are also developed in Graz.

Centre of Excellence in Pulmonary Function Diagnostics in Niederlauer, Germany:

In order to consolidate smart and combined solutions between pulmonology and cardiology, SCHILLER and Ganshorn entered a long-term collaboration in 2014.

Centre of Excellence for Ergometry / REHA in Bitz, Germany:

Ergosana as part of the SCHILLER group is developing and manufacturing our medical ergometers according to the latest European standards.