CARDIOVIT CS-200 Excellence

The CS-200 Excellence cardiac assessment system for exercise testing from SCHILLER puts great emphasis on performance.

With industry-leading algorithms, the CS-200 Excellence enables you to quickly and easily optimise your digital workflow with seamless connectivity to EMR, SEMA cardiology information system and PACS.


  • Outstanding data quality with algorithms that provide the clearest, most accurate test results
  • ECG measurement software with accurate measurements of recorded cardiac signals
  • Resting rhythm
  • Hook-up adviser with signal quality check, helping to improve poor waveform quality
  • Pharmacological exercise testing
  • 16-lead acquisition and analysis for resting and exercise ECG: based on real measurement data, not just calculations
  • Various diagnostic analysis programs: ETM, ETM Sport, HyperQ (Resting and Stress), SAECG

SCHILLER reserves the right to make changes in design, specifications and features shown, or discontinue the product described at any time without notice or obligation. Images may be representative. Device availability in your market is subject to regulatory approval.

ETM Sport

The first automated ECG interpretation module designed for athletes

The distinction between physiological and pathological ECG variations in athletes represents a major challenge.

SCHILLER’s ETM Sport, when used in sport aptitude tests, allows the number of false-positive results to be reduced while the sensitivity to detect heart disease remains unchanged.
ETM Sport is based on the Seattle Criteria.

Seamless connectivity to EMR, SEMA & PACS

Seamless connectivity to EMR, SEMA & PACS

Various diagnostic analysis programs

Various diagnostic analysis programs

16-lead ECG acquisition and analysis

16-lead ECG acquisition and analysis

Pharmacological exercise testing

Pharmacological exercise testing


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