Six questions for… SCHILLER Healthcare India

SCHILLER AG and its 30 subsidiaries form a worldwide sales network, strengthening SCHILLER's global presence. Each subsidiary needs to work with the advantages, characteristics and circumstances of their local market. This series provides insight into what is happening locally and we ask the subsidiaries the same six questions. It's SCHILLER India Healthcare's turn. Vikram Sanghvi, Managing Director, is answering our questions.

SCHILLER Healthcare India is located in Mumbai (India).


Which is SCHILLER Healthcare India’s best-selling product?
Ventilator have been our best-selling products consistently, followed by our defibrillators and ECGs.

What are you better at than your competitors on the market?
We have a wide network of distributors. Some of them have been with us for almost a decade. This has helped us reach out to our customers in the country's remotest regions.

Is there anything you can improve on or learn from your competitors?
Learning is an ongoing and an inclusive process. There is always much to learn from each other’s best practices. We do track our competitors’ developments from time to time to ensure we are well-informed about the latest trends in the market and can devise sales strategies accordingly.

Which is your biggest customer segment?

What makes your market special? How is it different from other markets?
Low pricing in comparison to the other markets and every manufacturer worldwide has a local office in India from which they sell their devices.

In which region are you most successful and which one is your preferred region to do business with?
We have been most successful in Tamil Nadu, one of the top seven developed states in India. The entire state healthcare eco-system, right from various government reforms to the infrastructure related to healthcare has made it conducive for the sector to thrive consistently, year after year.

SCHILLER Healthcare India

SCHILLER Healthcare India is located in Mumbai (India). It was founded in 1997 by Vikram Sanghvi, Managing Director, Pravin Gandhi and Alfred Schiller. Today, 303 people are working for the company.