FRED easy Life in Austrian pharmacies

At the initiative of Austrian pharmacies, 30 pharmacies were selected based on strategic criteria and then equipped with a defibrillator. SCHILLER is glad to be part of this project and to be able to make another contribution to saving lives.

After a cardiac arrest, measures must be taken very quickly. Survival chances decrease by about 10 % every minute. Already after 3 minutes, the brain as well as the other essential organs are not supplied with enough oxygen anymore.
Using a defibrillator and performing chest compressions can greatly increase the chances of survival.

The initiative "HERZsichere Apotheke" (heart-safe pharmacy) was established by the Austrian Pharmaceutical Society in co-operation with "Puls", a society that fights sudden cardiac death, in order to increase the availability of defibrillators in Austria. Pharmacies are perfect locations for defibrillators: on the one hand, they are located all over the country and often have extended opening hours; on the other hand, they are health competence centres and are frequented by many people every day.