Company vision

International character - Clients/market - Products - Services - Quality - Employees - Management / Cooperation - Organisation - Future

International character

  • We are integrated in an international group
  • We use the impulses of the world market for the development of new products, services and applications
  • We make a contribution to provision and preservation of health for human beings and animals in many countries


  • We are endeavouring to cultivate a lasting and long-term partnership with each of our customers
  • The ideas, impulses and wishes of our customers motivate us to develop new solutions
  • We bring all our energy and resources into play to reach the highest possible contentment of our customers
  • We want to become top in further product areas


We want to offer three important advantages:

  • Efficiency, customized solutions and user-friendliness.
  • Those unmistakeable characteristics are part of our world renowned reputation
  • We wish to maintain these high standards


  • Our fields of services like advisory service and training are endeavouring continuously to support the customers in carrying his profession best possible
  • Our know-how is to help to fulfill the expectations of our customers efficiently and quickly


  • Our aim is the fulfillment of a total quality management which includes the ISO 13485 certificate as well as the environmental management system according to ISO 14001
  • These measures guarantee a high level of quality in all fields of our company for the future
  • Efficient sequences of operations lead to a continuous improvement of our products and services
  • Up to date technologies, experience and reliability are to create lasting confidence and high contentment among our customers.


  • We work as a team
  • Qualified employees who think and act responisble, will find space here to develop themselves in their work
  • We emphasize on flexibility and farsightedness
  • We invest in the personal and professional further education of our employees

Management / Cooperation

  • The fundamentals of our management are based on personal responsibility of each employee
  • The cooperation of the different fields of the company is based on mutual acknowledgement and support
  • Our managerial style is characterized by clear, objective orientation on results and performance review


  • We have a flat hierarchy and lean organizational structures
  • This enables flexibility and fast response time to changes


  • Technical up-to-date products will open us new markets
  • In the future we focus on strengthening of consultation, training and service
  • Through research work and continuous innovations we want to be one step ahead also in the future