Mission statement

Mission / Vision / Values

Our mission

We are an internationally leading manufacturer and supplier of medical technology solutions, focusing on cardiopulmonary diagnostics and therapy.
Our products save lives and provide physicians and nurses with professional support.

Our vision

We aim to extend our strong position on the market.
Our customers and partners heartily recommend us.
SCHILLER is a well-established and attractive brand.
We are a hub of innovation.
We acquire, apply and integrate scientific findings.
We work profitably and are financially independent.
We encourage co-operative individuality.

Our values

Our employees are our most valuable resource. We esteem and trust them and encourage their development and self-responsibility. Curiosity means being open for new ideas. Curiosity is our principle and stimulates us to continuously learn and extend our competencies.
The relationship with our customers and suppliers is characterised by determination, fairness, politeness and reliability.
We are aware of our responsibility towards our environment, the society and ourselves, and we act according to ethical principles.
We safeguard the environment through our sustainable use of resources.