02 Aug 2016

Cardiac IT made simple

In the recent issue of “European Hospital” Michael Ziller, Head of IT at the Bethanien Hospital,…

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04 Apr 2016

SCHILLER at the cutting edge of connected health

For a weekend, a SCHILLER team participated in the Hacking Health Camp in Strasbourg and they were…

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01 Oct 2015

SCHILLER Americas Inc.

SCHILLER is pleased to announce that as of the 1st of October 2015, SCHILLER Latin America merged…

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03 Aug 2015

ECG simulation-based e-training

SCHILLER has teamed up with medsim specialists EPICARDIO to offer a market-leading simulation-based…

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31 Jul 2015

Deficopter tests in Sweden

The Karolinska Institute and the German Aerospace Center explore the question of whether the…

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